Without sounding cliché, we strongly believe that we’re a leading legal firm in South Africa, and here’s why… not because we’re the biggest, have the largest customers or the most customers, but simply because we innovate and we deeply care about what we do. But let’s get to the point and expand on why we think so. We are attorneys after all and the facts matters.

Our journey started in 2002 in Rustenburg, North West as a local partner to many. After learning a ton, forming life-long customer relationships and firmly establishing our reputation in the market, we decided to branch out to Cape Town in 2014, where our head office is today.

We build our firm on a single principal: innovative symbiosis. This helps us find innovative ways to change the legal landscape that will benefit our customers, our business, our partners and our people. It means finding ways to do things differently, from instant reporting, electronic handovers, automated legal processes and more — without compromising on the human element.

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Two things we live by as a company



Respect conquers all. We make sure that this is top-of-mind with our people. To us it means respecting our customers by making sure we’re a good fit for them and vice versa. Our focus isn’t to onboard every customer, but to onboard the right customers who we can deliver real value to and establish a mutually beneficial relationship with. Importantly, it also means respecting our people, their different backgrounds, their careers and their personal lives.


Innovation is at the core of what we do. One wouldn’t think innovation plays such a massive role in a legal firm, but it does. Innovative thinking helps us to deliver faster results in a more efficient way, every day. We achieve this by establishing a creative environment where we challenge the norm in everything we do.

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We’re big on the ‘people’ element of our business as we know investing in good people are critical to success. We go through thorough processes to employ the best, who’ll care about our customers and their businesses as much as we do. Our business’s reputation is established by who we employee, and for that reason we focus on bringing the best on board.

We’re led by two well-established, well-rounded attorneys with extensive experience in various legislative fields. Let’s introduce you.



B.Comm LLB degrees at the University of Potchefstroom (PU for CHE)

After three years at a legal firm who specialised in agricultural services, Hendré joined Jonker Vorster as partner. This is where his journey in commercial litigation started. He continuously invested in expanding his skillset with one example being his decision to become a qualified business rescue practitioner, not to practise, but to use it to customers’ advantage when he acts on their behalf.


He was also admitted as a conveyancer in 2008, a decision fuelled by his interest in property law.


With Hendré at the forefront of our business, we continuously make huge strides forward as he works hard at continuously expanding our offering and perfecting it in various fields.


His most recent achievement was his involvement in the establishment of the South African Chamber of Arbitration, where he created the concept, pioneered the establishment, and drafted the rules – another first in South Africa.


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B.Proc degree at the University of Pretoria (UP)

At two of the largest legal firms in South Africa is where it started for Daleen. After spending seven years with them, two as a partner, she decided to start her own firm in Rustenburg. During this time, she refined her skills in the commercial and school collections landscape by working with top businesses and schools as well as holding a management seat at the Rustenburg business association.

Just as she thought that she reached the ceiling with collections, her passion for this field led her to the start of a journey with software and automation. She championed the development of the firm’s one-of-a-kind software that completely changed the face of collections for schools and businesses as we know it.

She’s driven by a belief that collections is a science, and she gladly shares this across South Africa during her informative, well thought-out training sessions.

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