Looking for a full circle solution that allows you to focus on what you enjoy? Then you’ve come to the right place. At Jonker Vorster Attorneys, our goal is to provide our customers with a suite of legal solutions that makes the process simple and convenient for them. This brings us back to being a partner who can add real value to our customers’ businesses. To do this, we kept our service offering simple and to the point, allowing us to focus on what we’re best at. Here’s what we do.



No one enjoys reading contracts with endless jargon that means nothing to the reader. Neither do we. But everyone gets why they are important. That said, we focus on drafting contracts that are understandable and easy to use with the same contractual validity as any other. Aside from creating contracts from scratch, we also review, assess, and update existing contracts and agreements. Furthermore, we also assist customers in contract negotiations.


Running a business is hard enough without having to deal with disputes, contract breaches, claims and other business-related disagreements. Good news is…that’s what we do — from minor disputes among business partners and shareholders, to contractual disputes over service delivery and rental agreements. We facilitate negotiations between companies to help our customers attain restitution for any form of monetary losses and risks. We facilitate court appearances, draft court documents and pleadings, and also aid businesses in consultation with council and other advocates.


Offering goods and services on credit is an absolute must nowadays. But most businesses are trapped between a rock and a hard place. If you choose to stay away from offering credit you minimise your financial risk, but you also limit your business’s sales and growth.

We enable any size and type of organisation to trade on credit through our unique approach to collections. We offer business-to-business, business-to-consumer and school collections, including the drafting of credit applications, court documents, payment arrangements, payment negotiations and more.

What’s unique about our approach?

  • Paperwork and processes — we assess customers’ collections processes and documentation to ensure maximised recoveries, i.e. review and enhance contracts, agreements, applications, credit checks, etc.

  • Auditing — We audit handovers before the collections process starts. This prevents resource wastage that costs customers extra. If we identify any issues with a handover, we work with customers to get everything in place to reduce costs and improve collections success.

  • Automation — through our unique software, we’ve automated the soft collections processes, putting power back into customers’ hands without risking collections success. We also introduced automation to our hard collections processes that ensures a streamlined and effective approach.

  • Reporting — we’ve perfected our reporting system, allowing us to keep customers in the loop with each one of their customers. Available as and when needed through our automated reporting system with real-time updates on collections efforts, payments, statuses and more.

  • No success, no fees (schools only) — Aside from covering our direct expenses, we offer a ‘no success, no fee’ billing model that delivers immediate benefits to customers who are looking for more value for their money.


Through our partnership with the South African Chamber of Arbitration we offer an alternative to standard dispute resolution processes. Arbitration significantly reduces costs and the time spent on liquid claims through its unique and highly effective approach. We help our customers to introduce arbitration into their standard contracts, giving them the power to go this route if and when they decide to do so.